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Journaling Notes and Other Things

Doing some minor tweaking and organizing here and there. The thing I like about the WordPress format is it’s far more versatile than other blogging formats I’ve worked with. I can personalize it more, and I have more control over various functions.  It also seems to be a bit quieter and more laid-back than the LJ-format, something I can appreciate, especially now that things have gotten a bit busier over here.  Anyway, today I’ve set up a couple pages, mainly a page about this journal and a lame attempt at an About Me page. I may add more, we’ll see. I also tweaked the links list/blogroll and such, and may add extra categories as I need them.

Lately I’ve been doing some light reading, and I just picked up The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy by Dennis William Hauck, mostly just some quick refresher reading. I own his other two books, Sorcerer’s Stone and The Emerald Tablet, both fairly good reads for anyone wishing to pop their cherries on the topic of alchemy. I plan on passing this particular one off to my lifepartner who lives in Germany, once I’m finished reading it (as I originally bought it for him anyway).

There will be more stuff here as time goes on, as I continue reading, researching, growing and experimenting with various things.  I’ll also be doing some activist posting here too, as there are some topics that are very close to me right now that needs addressing, and will probably reach a larger readership than my private LJ anyway.

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