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Chugging Along

I’ve been more than a bit busy over here lately, or at the very least distracted with various things.  I am gearing up to go on a month-long trip to Germany to visit my lifeparter, and to scope out the area I will eventually be moving to–unless of course the U.S. manages to change its policy on immigration and same-sex relationships, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.  I will elaborate more on that in a little bit, because that is an important topic to me.

Another reason why this trip will be deeply meaningful to me is because Germany is an ancestral place, and I’ll be visiting the hometown of my ancestors on my mother’s side of the family: Wolfhagen. The name of the town itself is rather ironic considering certain other things about myself, which I will get into detail about in a later post.  Unfortunately my grandfather had passed on a few years ago at 92, but I will be bringing back from Wolfhagen some stones from the area (providing I can get them past customs in a kosher manner), one of which I plan on placing on his grave and/or his memory box (which I treat as a sort of ancestral altar).  I would like to be able to wear his WWII dogtags I had inherited from him to the place as well, if I decide to risk taking them.  This got me thinking about the sacredness of ancestral places to various peoples.  I would like to look up some information on that from a cultural perspective, if possible.

Now, about immigration and the US.  I am a transgendered (non-op female-to-male) pansexual male residing in the US.  My partner is also a transgendered gay male, who lives in Germany.  Due to US policy on gender and immigration, we will be unable to live together in the US, leaving me to eventually go into exile in order for us to stay together and legally marry.  Many others suffer from the same predicaments, which is why there are groups such as ImmigrationEquality who are fighting for our rights. In the meantime, I do have the option of legally marrying my partner in Germany, but other people aren’t as lucky. This is why I strongly advocate supporting ImmigrationEquality, and groups like it. Denying people’s rights to love and live with other people on the basis of gender and religious opinion is nothing short of tragic and detestable.

In any case, despite being rather busy with work, trip planning and other things, I still manage to take time out for my daily morning meditation before work, and my afternoon/evening meditation at night before bed.  I also just finished up Patrick Dunn’s Postmodern Magic, overall a good read. It’s helped me solidify more of my scattered thoughts on magic and occult practice, some of which I hope to get down here in the next weeks before flying out. Guess we’ll see.

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