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Terrence McKenna’s Alchemical Dream

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Terrence McKenna’s Alchemical Dream: Rebirth of the Great Work

The DVD’s available for purchase November 1st, and I’d like to snag a copy for myself. Reality Sandwich did a review of it, which seemed pretty good.  The comments in the review were also interesting to note.  I for one was not a fan of Descartes’ ways of thinking and operating regarding the animal kingdom (for example, performing vivisections on still-conscious dogs), but one can’t deny the benefits of his work overall.  The same could be said for quite a lot of things, be it occult, scientific, or somewhere in-between.  I think Tristan Gulliford hit the nail on the head in this reply here. I’ll probably be able to comment more on the topic once I see this for myself though. Looks to be interesting in any case.

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Autumnal Equinox

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Fall is finally here, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  The beginning of one of my favorite seasons.  Transitional seasons such as Spring and Fall are always high-energy ones for me for various reasons.  I notice the same is true for other transitional times, dawn and dusk, for example.  I can feel a sort of restlessness, occasionally bordering on irritability.  My dreams and visionary experiences also get more vivid and intense around this time of year, so I’ll be taking more notes than usual in my little notebook I keep with me. 

I also heard from various sources that Mercury is supposed to go into retrograde thiscoming Wednesday.  How appropriate.  I guess we’ll see if things get interesting around here or not.

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September 20, 2008 Leave a comment

This is the coat of arms of Wolfhagen, the ancestral hometown of my family from my mother’s side.  I had the opportunity to visit the place while on my long stay in Germany.  As it turns out, one of the Brothers Grimm lived there for a time, and the famed fairytale road runs through it, where children’s celebrations and readings from Grimm’s Fairytales are still held.  I am somehow reminded of some of the things my grandfather (whose grandparents immigrated from Wolfhagen) used to tell me, that gnomes came from Germany and liked to pop out of knotholes in wood–something that was later repeated when I stopped to re-read some of the Brothers Grimm during my stay.

Wolfhagen and the Hessian area around it is rife with old occult and mythic lore.  The large town of Kassel nearby is quite the hotbed for paranormal activity, where crop circles are a yearly occurence.  Kassel is also the birthplace of the Rosicrucians, with the publication of the Fama Fraternitatis, and the town’s very construction is believed to be on profoundly occult principles (see the above link on crop circles for more info).  I would have loved to tour the area more closely, but sudden illness in both my partner and I forced us to turn back prematurely from Wolfhagen.  I would like to plan a more detailed trip in the future though.

I do begin to wonder if Kassel had something to do with the intense feeling of presence of my grandfather while at the Kassel train station.  Although granted, I already had a psychological link in my mind associating my grandfather with the land, it was a feeling that was vivid, intense, and in my opinion, rather hard to trick myself into feeling.  What was going on external of me was weird enough–everything in the train station suddenly became dead quiet, almost as if someone had hit a mute-button.  The pigeons flying over my partner and me seemed to be floating in the air in slow-motion, and a sudden breeze had whipped up out of nowhere from an otherwise still afternoon.

Psychology, or something else?  Either way, it was certainly interesting.

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A Note on Sarah Palin

September 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Now, this is going to be primarily directed at my American readership, though this also applies to anyone who has a vested interest in human rights and environmental issues.

For those of you who are a member of, or who otherwise support The Defenders of Wildlife (and if you don’t; become one!) should be at least somewhat familiar with Sarah Palin’s name. When I came off the plane from my month-long trip in Germany, I immediately recognized her name, in bold print, glaring up at me from the newspaper announcing her position under McCain. It was like a kick in the stomach. The Alaskan governor may be a nonentity to alot of Americans, but to those of us who have been keeping track with Alaska’s dismal environmental record, such as aerial hunting, and a more recent incident involving the illegal killing of fourteen wolf pups by Alaska’s Fish and Game, should be familiar with her name by now. Overall, her track record with the environment is nothing short of deplorable.

Just think about it. She could be our new vice-president now. If McCain’s campaign succeeds in November, she will be merely a heartbeat away from the presidency.

But hey, if you think all that above is pretty nasty, that’s just scraping the surface. Allow me to elaborate.

Sarah Palin is also a member of a dominionist, bible-thumping church that helped shape her highly controversial worldview. Turns out this type of church also participates in what is known as “stealth-dominionism”, and Sarah Palin’s roots with such practices have been extensively researched by a close friend who has dedicated himself to researching and exposing dominionist-christianity, and assists in running the LiveJournal-based “community” Dark Christianity which serves as a network of sorts to explore and expose dominionism in the US and abroad. This movement is bigger than alot of people might think–Technoccult also has a nice little story on a related theocratic christian sect praying for the Armageddon. How do you feel about one of those in power, that close to the proverbial little red button?

Doesn’t sound good now, does it? Unfortunately, it keeps getting “better”.

Palin is also a vocal racist, and you can be rest assured her track record on women’s rights is piss poor, too.  Imagine her being in office, working with foreign affairs, and signing bills governing what we can and cannot do with our bodies, based on her narrowminded worldview.

I believe that this sort of information needs to be spread widely, and I’m surprised that more people aren’t doing so.  It was a nasty shock coming off the plane and discovering Palin’s nomination by McCain.  To be honest, I had not bothered to search up very many English-speaking news sources while abroad, an idiot move on my part.  This will be remedied in the future, to prevent any more nasty shocks.  I do have a few more news-bits worthy of mention, but I wanted to get this out first, as it touches on issues that we should all be deeply concerned with, as Americans, and as human beings who seek to cultivate deep bonds both with the environment and with each other.

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A Brief Update

September 4, 2008 1 comment

Genius Party Beyond has posted a new trailer showing more footage of the Dimension Bomb movie. Actually, this time it seemed to have gotten more space in there than in the first–the giant freakish robot appears in the first scene of the new trailer, and the background music is Dimension Bomb’s theme song Tanta Pena, made by Juno Reactor. For those of you just tuning in, so to speak, the Dimension Bomb movie was what this blog was named after and inspired by, and you can read up on the hows and whys of it here.

Its also interesting to note that Yokko Kanno, a famous Japanese composer and herself responsible for some beautiful and trippy music, ended up doing a voice cameo in the movie. My guess is she was the trippy little shaman-type girl that initiates Shin–well that and there aren’t any other females in the movie to begin with.

In other news, I’ve been back in the States for about four days after having been in Germany the whole month of August visiting my partner, and exploring some of Germany’s esoterica and my own family roots. I’ve got quite a bit more I want to write about, but it will have to wait a bit as I get more settled and into the swing of things.

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