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This is the coat of arms of Wolfhagen, the ancestral hometown of my family from my mother’s side.  I had the opportunity to visit the place while on my long stay in Germany.  As it turns out, one of the Brothers Grimm lived there for a time, and the famed fairytale road runs through it, where children’s celebrations and readings from Grimm’s Fairytales are still held.  I am somehow reminded of some of the things my grandfather (whose grandparents immigrated from Wolfhagen) used to tell me, that gnomes came from Germany and liked to pop out of knotholes in wood–something that was later repeated when I stopped to re-read some of the Brothers Grimm during my stay.

Wolfhagen and the Hessian area around it is rife with old occult and mythic lore.  The large town of Kassel nearby is quite the hotbed for paranormal activity, where crop circles are a yearly occurence.  Kassel is also the birthplace of the Rosicrucians, with the publication of the Fama Fraternitatis, and the town’s very construction is believed to be on profoundly occult principles (see the above link on crop circles for more info).  I would have loved to tour the area more closely, but sudden illness in both my partner and I forced us to turn back prematurely from Wolfhagen.  I would like to plan a more detailed trip in the future though.

I do begin to wonder if Kassel had something to do with the intense feeling of presence of my grandfather while at the Kassel train station.  Although granted, I already had a psychological link in my mind associating my grandfather with the land, it was a feeling that was vivid, intense, and in my opinion, rather hard to trick myself into feeling.  What was going on external of me was weird enough–everything in the train station suddenly became dead quiet, almost as if someone had hit a mute-button.  The pigeons flying over my partner and me seemed to be floating in the air in slow-motion, and a sudden breeze had whipped up out of nowhere from an otherwise still afternoon.

Psychology, or something else?  Either way, it was certainly interesting.

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