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Made with 1mm black leather cord, two domestic dog teeth, and six authentic ancient Egyptian faience beads from 716-30 B.C. (yes, the beads have provenance–feel free to inquire). The two dog teeth represent the binary star-system Sirius. The pendant itself is made in dedication to Wepwawet and Yinepu. On sale for $25 shipping included, proceeds to go to a nonprofit.

Drop a line here, or at cynanthropos(at)gmail.com if interested.

The photo really doesn’t do it justice. I had to take photos from my iPhone, my digital camera is currently out of commission pending new software. I’m hoping to get that fixed soon.

I think I’m going to post more of my artwork. Some people are beginning to show interest in it, and I’m beginning to develop my own style. I think I might just roll with it, maybe set up a little shop here or something. I’m not as good as some artisans out there, but I’ve been enjoying what I’ve put together so far.

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