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The Wepwawet Altar, holiday-version

The Wepwawet Altar, holiday-version

My Wepwawet altar, dressed in the left corner (viewer’s right) with a pine cone, candles and Amanita muscaria mushroom representations for good luck in the new year, along with holiday cards. Soon those will be taken down and the altar re-ordered a bit for the coming year.

The hide on the altar is a real black-backed jackal (ideally it should be a golden jackal, but this is the best I could find). A ostrich feather is representative of Ma’at and my moral convictions. The knife in the center is what you would call my “ritual blade”. It is a live blade–a vintage AK-47 bayonet from the Middle East, which serves not only ritual but practical uses (home self-defense and wire-cutting when combined with the sheath), should the need arise. A dog and wolf skull flank his statue. This altar also serves as a reliquary for dog and wolf remnants I’ve collected over the years (bones, teeth, fossils, fur scraps or sheds, etc.) and serves a very practical as opposed to a display or ritual-only purpose. My tiny collection of Ancient Egyptian antiquities are stored there as well. The big bottle of African honey mead is a favorite offering of his, hence it’s display in the center, on top of the current offering plate.

  1. Elizabeth
    January 5, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    That is a wonderful altar!

    I have one of those particular A. muscaria representations as well 😉

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