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PSA: On Disappearing Comments

I was fiddling around in my WordPress account this evening, and for the first time decided to click on the “spam” folder to see what kind of nonsense those bots attempt to write in my blog. I was shocked to find not just the random babble of spambots, but an actual comment! This comment was then approved and published.

This makes me wonder how many other legitimate comments might have been written and ended up in the spam folder, never to be approved. Just a little PSA to say that if anyone has a comment that they don’t see show up here for some reason, to please poke me per email or related. Unless comments are outright inflammatory or nonsensical (as opposed to dissenting or the like, which I haven’t a problem with), I pretty much approve every comment made to this blog. I also apologize to anyone who’s comments might’ve gotten eaten by my WordPress spam detector-thing. I’ll have to make it a point to check it more often.

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