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Fly-By Thought

Personally I find there to be a pointed difference between cross-cultural assimilation and syncretism, and cultural appropriation. Where to draw the lines in this case is an important (and hotly debated) issue, something I should probably write on at some point.

I have been slow with everything lately, after having just weathered a car accident I damn near didn’t walk away from. But I am gradually getting my ass screwed back on, as it were. The support I’ve gotten has been truly overwhelming, and I am very grateful. I’ll write more later.

  1. October 11, 2012 at 3:22 am

    I do hope you’re getting better…

    And, as someone who has just taught a course on syncretism and how to understand it better, and who is all for making clearer certain distinctions between phenomena that may be related but ultimately aren’t the same: I APPLAUD YOU for drawing out a very important distinction that I have not spent much time on, but which is most certainly a lot more important than I’ve previously reckoned re: cross-cultural assimilation and syncretism. I’ve been talking, teaching, and writing about “syncretism as methodology” vs. “syncretism as theology,” which approaches the distinction you’re making, but I think your way of phrasing it is far more elegant and poignant.

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