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A Moment of Vanity

Yes, that would be me.  Photo was taken by my close friend and partner-in-crime Jarin during an outing at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in the Ancient Egypt gallery. Behind me is a depiction of the Weighing of the Heart, and I decided to pose here with the Big Dog himself, Wepwawet. Yes, I still have long hair despite identifying as male, though I never said that I chose to identify as male within certain societal standards. I happen to enjoy my long hair!

I suppose if you could tack any spiritual label onto me, “Kemetic Pagan” would be your best bet, though for a very long time I operated under the label “agnostic”, even long after I had actively begun to honor the deities of Ancient Egypt. I begin to wonder if that had something to do with my hangups regarding religion in general, but…rant for later I suppose. And no, I don’t belong to any temple, house or other such group. Personally I have no use for those spiritual groups and–rant for later! Ha ha!

Like what you see here? Maybe you want to vote for me in the 2008 Sexiest Occultist Alive (or Dead).  Ha ha, though I’m half-joking.  I’ve never had much use for such popularity contests, but such things do amuse me on occasion.  Oh, and sorry ladies and gentlemen, I am most certainly taken, and happily so.  

In any case, perhaps I’ll have more to write on later on.  In roughly a week now I will be leaving for Germany for a month, and the likelihood of me updating this thing will be practically nil until, oh say, September or so.

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