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A Migraineous Update

November 17, 2012 3 comments

Now, my skull is pounding, and I perhaps should be hibernating in a dark hole while this passes.  However, there are some things I feel I must share.

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, in his Patheos column Queer I Stand, has written a really good article regarding the whole “indigeny” trend among (mostly white, socially privileged) Pagans.  I could point specific people out on this, but…I won’t, because that’s not my focus here, and I have better things to do with my time.  They’re not hard to find.  Anyway, I’m really glad he wrote this, because I really think there is a significant lack of criticism and critical thinking going on that really needs to be addressed and focused on.

This overlaps with my conflicting problem over the use of the word “shaman,” but this sort of thing seems far more socially accepted and not much challenged among pagan and polytheist circles, even though the use of the word can have really strong appropriative undertones.  To call myself a shaman would be like calling myself a Buddhist rabbi.  See what I did there?  I think people need to do more thorough research, and really think about the words they are using, and how they are being used.  I just don’t think people discuss this sort of thing enough.  And when some try to, they are too easily demonized and silenced.  I think this needs to change, and everyone would benefit more from a hearty dose of critical thinking.


Veteran’s Day and Other Miscellany

November 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Today is Veteran’s Day.  Right now my old man is away on vacation.  In February he enters into his fourth deployment, this time to Iraq (the others were Afghanistan, but before that he’s traveled to Qatar and a variety of other places).  This year is going to be strange for the whole family, but above all else I worry for my dad.

Telling someone “Happy Veteran’s Day” has always seemed queer for me.  Vets have gone through a lot of shit.  They’ve also taken a lot of shit.  Sometimes this day isn’t happy for them.  Many times, it’s just bad reminders, dug up by people who haven’t quite had the experiences they’ve had.  As opposed to wishing anyone a “happy Veteran’s Day” I tend to just do something else.  Buy my old man a cake or something.  Donate to an organization that helps veterans and deployed.  Or both.  Something.  Action means a lot.  There are other ways to honor veterans today than just wishing them a “happy Veteran’s Day”.  Well, I also think Veterans Day and Memorial Day shouldn’t be the only days we remember our veterans and war dead.  I’ll probably write more on this later.  I tend to have to address this particular topic in stages.

Also yes I’m revisiting this topic again, from my last post.  I think I’ve come on a bit strong (which I don’t apologize for) and have not done a very good job (in my opinion) of explaining my position properly.  I’m not here to say that every pagan gathering or what have you is wrong.  That would be incorrect.  Public ritual and celebration is an important aspect of any spiritual practice or religion.  However–and I think this was the point I was trying to make before–I feel there is a decided difference between that particular thing (which is well and good) and spiritual exhibitionism.  Or, to put it more succinctly, a nice hardy ego circle-jerk, using gods and spirits as an excuse for such.  You must also remember that this is being written by someone with a notorious habit for misanthropy. I admit this may be a detriment for me at times.

And on that note, the halftime show is over, and so I must sign off for now.  There is more I wanted to write on, but that will have to wait for another time.

PSA: Reblogging Notice

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

In coming back to WordPress, I noticed that it has attempted to ape Tumblr by setting up a reblogging feature, which it seems general WordPress authors are unable to opt out of.  Now, if I wanted something like this, I would be doing the majority of my posts on Tumblr, which is a cesspool of idiocy as is. 

In any case, as for reblogging my stuff from Dimension Bomb: Don’t.

Theoretically, there is no way I can prevent you from doing this if you are really keen on doing so.  This is, after all, the internet.  However you’ll find to the right sidebar of this blog notices regarding the reblogging, reposting and quoting of my material.  As readers, I ask that you respect my request and play nice in my blogging space.  Thanks.

On Commenting and Blogging

September 23, 2012 Leave a comment

I just approved some old comments here that have been sitting awhile.  Whoops.  Shows you how up to speed I am, I’m really off-and-on when it comes to the internet lately.  In any case, I will be posting here again more often.  However some of my posts may be smaller, micro-blog style posts.  I do this because I always don’t have time to write larger, essay-style posts, and I’m online only sporadically.

Thanks for those of you who have stayed on board here so far. 

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The Forest Wolf

September 23, 2012 1 comment

The Forest Wolf

Some new artwork. Been trying to get into crafting again, and I’m experimenting with new styles and techniques. Please click the photo for more info on the piece as well as to purchase if interested.

I do a lot of work with animal parts. Both animistic work as well as craft work (usually both at the same time). I may have mentioned that in this blog before, but this is just one sample.

Long Time

September 19, 2012 2 comments

The past year I’ve gone through quite a lot of heavy change. I’m not the same person people were familiar with a year ago. This blog will probably not be the same blog either.

More later. Maybe.

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Huge Tomb in Sakkara Found

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Egypt archaeologists discover huge tomb near Cairo

Huge tomb found in Egypt burial ground

Plus, a very awesome blog with nice photographs, ganked from Sannion:

Egyptology is a huge interest of mine, and really it should be for any Kemetic-minded pagan or polytheist. Cultivating research and knowledge is one of the most sacred and important acts one can do. Djehuty really has a good point. And I’d certainly keep monitoring the above discovery, because who knows what amazing new information it might yield.

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