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The Luna Moth

Ever since I was little I’ve always been fascinated with the natural world, among other worlds.  This guy was chilling outside my place of employment early one morning, so I whipped my phone out and grabbed a few pictures.  Given the nature of my job (which I intend not to disclose here), I was forced to move it to the safety of a nearby tree.  In the picture its wings were spread out–I had touched it lightly on the back, and the wings opened with an audible snap, probably as a way to try and scare me off by looking all big and intimidating.  I very gingerly scooped him into my hands and laid him up into the tree.  This is actually the first time I had ever seen a luna moth up close–or rather, one that wasn’t dead and pinned to a display board behind glass, so to me this was a very exciting experience.  

Speaking of the natural world, just now a big storm passed overhead.  I must have spent roughly two hours watching the amazing light show, and the feeling of the thunder rumbling through my chest was an amazing and energizing experience.  Now everything is quiet outside, except for the occasional crackling outside which at first sounds like firecrackers going off, but in retrospect it could also be one of the old neighborhood loblollies dying a violent death.  We’ve had a rash of serious storms in the area lately, including tornadoes (a bit unusual for this region), which have taken out quite a few trees in the area.  I keep expecting one day to find one of those old trees laying through the roof of the house.

Well, to bed I go.  My head is feeling strange, and the weather could be playing a large part in that.  Maybe I’ll have more to write tomorrow.

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