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First Post

So here it is.  My funny little idea of getting some of my other thoughts out there.  I have a private journal on LJ, and then there is for my otherkin and therianthopic writings, but what I’m looking for here on WordPress is someplace where I can get my thoughts down on other topics, mainly the occult, alchemy and related, but other miscellaneous crap too maybe.  I used to keep an older blog on here by the name of “HermeticDog”…its a name I still use, but the blog itself hasn’t been updated in ages, and I think its time for me to start over with a clean slate anyway (that and I kind of lost my password for the other account..uhm, whoops).  I have too many thoughts and interests, not all I can fit in one place. Expect to see book reviews, thoughts, rants and other weird notes and thought processes.

The title of this blog, “Dimension Bomb”, is a loaded one, one I will more than likely get into later at some point, but it most definitely describes my experiences with the occult, and various mindfuckery therein.  I’ll leave that as a post for another time though.

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