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Pagan Platitudes on 9/11, Etc.

September 13, 2011 1 comment

I wasn’t planning on making a post about this at all. My thoughts and emotions on that day are very mixed–partly because it happened during a very dark period in my life, and that I ended up witnessing the whole thing start to finish live on television, plus hours and hours of coverage afterward. Most of my family is federal government or military. Since that event my father has been to Afghanistan twice, and is due to return next year in August for his third tour of duty.

As for other topics I was going to cover relating specifically to the “pagan community” at large, Sannion rather sums it up brilliantly in his post, Dii facientes adiuvant. This is quite a refresher from the other various sorts of navel-gazing, “prayer circles”, platitudes and related that I’ve seen circulate as of late.

Plus–and this is something a friend of mine brought up fairly recently–for some people who lost loved ones to this terrible tragedy, the constant harping on 9/11 (which is different from honoring the dead, and learning from/healing from a tragedy or traumatic event) can be psychologically damaging, as it forces them to relive this painful event again and again.

On Sunday, I watched the football game, and drank heavily, and…celebrated life. And yes–of course I remembered. But you won’t find me picking open proverbial scabs, or handwringing or wailing. I will celebrate life, and I will refuse to live in fear, because that, in my opinion, is one damn good way to spit in the faces of those who wish to spread terror, hatred and death.


Home From Germany

September 5, 2011 1 comment

Well, I’m home from Germany, and I had a great time as always. I would like to post more about it later, we shall see. I have a lot of material I would like to get out on here however. I must admit I’ve been a little remiss in posting here–that will hopefully change in the future. For one thing, I would like to focus more on my ‘sacred scavenging’ work, which is a very integral part of my spiritwork and related. My hope is to give this practice more time in the spotlight, as it were. There seems to be a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there on the use of animal parts and other such things. Otherwise, my internet presence will continue to be sparse at best. An update on my current state of affairs can be found here.

I seem to have missed a lot of interesting topics, posts and discussions while I was away for the month of August, such as this one on the use of entheogens and the watering down of paganism (read Dver’s post in its entirety and check out the links for yourself). Of course, those of you who tune into this blog probably know my stance on this–though color me unsurprised on how the censorship issue in particular ended up going down. Regardless of how one stands on a certain issue, “uncomfortable topics” within the modern neopagan community (entheogens, the use of animal parts, etc.) tend to get quickly censored, shouted down, ignored, or otherwise met with uncomfortable silence. It seems almost a standard operating procedure to take whatever is comfortable or appealing, and leave the rest. Those of us who work intimately with deities, spirits and other entities (and see them as autonomous beings such as we are) know that the reality is far different. But perhaps I am going on a bit of a tangent here.

In any case, I’m going to head back offline now, and continue dealing with my jetlag, and the various different degrees of catch-up and adapting I must perform from having been away for a month.

A Quick Update From Germany

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Currently writing from Germany. I’ve been here roughly a month here now visiting my partner and family, and am soon to fly back in a week give or take. More on that later I think–in the meantime, have a link or two. My internet access has been rather limited, though there have been a few links that have caught my eye and that I’ve managed to read. Here’s a sample.

Christian Jihadis, American Taliban and the Christian Right
A most excellent point being made here, one I fully agree with. I’ve noticed quite a large persecution complex going around in many (American) Neopagan circles, part of it, I think, fueled on privilege. Most Americans probably haven’t been exposed to the sheer withering effects of what religious persecution can do to a person or an entire group of people, as is seen in some third world countries. Then again, I’m a hard polytheist, and my partner is a strong Protestant Lutheran, so perhaps I’m speaking from some personal experience here (I’m still waiting for that day when I wake up here and find myself tied to a burning stake, it hasn’t happened yet). It’s all in putting things in the proper perspective. That and I’m sure some of the older Germans around here could give a nice dose of reality on oppression, Nazis and other such things. Their talks have certainly been enlightening to me, that’s for sure.

And now, for slightly longer commentary.

Why I made peace with totem animal dictionaries
Hm. Well, to be honest, the first thought that popped into my head when reading this one was, wouldn’t it be nice if more people who actually volunteered in parks and wildlife work and related fields, or go out and regularly observe/work with or in nature actively in some shape or form, actually started writing on their own totemic perspectives/dictionaries/et cetera? Seems like there is a lack here, or perhaps I’m just not looking hard enough–which could just be the case. Most of my totemic research isn’t spent on the internet–it’s spent volunteering (wildlife centers, raptor rehab, Chesapeake Bay cleanup), visiting zoos and museums, researching through anthropological records and biology books. I’m certainly not saying everyone should, or is even able, to go those routes. That’s not practical for every case. But I do begin to wonder how people choose to spend their time with writing and reading these things (and if I had a penny for every time I stumbled across a metaphysical resource claiming to be “the most comprehensive”–though sadly, in most cases, not alway the most accurate, which is a different totem animal altogether–I’d likely be a millionare by now). I could go on another diatribe on talk versus action (which I’ve gone over in this blog before), but really, I’d just be repeating myself.

Dictionaries definitely have their uses, and I do have a couple totemic dictionaries and resources myself (I first cut my teeth on…ugh, Sams and Ted Andrews), but in my opinion they should only be used as the base training wheels to get you started. Totem animal dictionaries are largely a new age invention, so that dash of salt is certainly necessary. I’ll probably write more on this later, especially as I expound more on my work with dead animal remains, volunteering, and related such things.

In any case, this blog will be booted back up in some shape or form sometime in September. Comments are screened to keep out spam and related ilk (which doesn’t always make it through the filters), but all comments do get approved. However, you may not see any comments to this post show up until I am back stateside in September, as my internet access here is limited and sporadic.

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Link For The Morning

June 1, 2011 1 comment

The Notion of Pagan “Elders”

This was originally nabbed from Lupa.

This person brings up some interesting arguments and points of discussion, and I say this as someone who engages in the honoring and recognition of “honored dead” in various forms (ancestors, etc.). However, sometimes when people do mention “elders” it does make my eyes roll back into my head–this is probably a good articulation as to why, and I’m really glad that there are those out there who are addressing these issues.

I’m also wondering why the term “elders” is one that ceases to recognize the contributions of women, as the author of the post argues. Believe me, as someone who is very concerned with gender equality, I’d be quick to point out any such inconsistency, but I think my reasoning is that I always assumed that “elder” was a descriptor for females as well as males. This may not have always been the case–my modern mind just automatically parses it that way.

Still contemplating all of this, needless to say.

Huge Tomb in Sakkara Found

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Egypt archaeologists discover huge tomb near Cairo

Huge tomb found in Egypt burial ground

Plus, a very awesome blog with nice photographs, ganked from Sannion:

Egyptology is a huge interest of mine, and really it should be for any Kemetic-minded pagan or polytheist. Cultivating research and knowledge is one of the most sacred and important acts one can do. Djehuty really has a good point. And I’d certainly keep monitoring the above discovery, because who knows what amazing new information it might yield.

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Website Pimpage: Dreamhart

March 10, 2009 Leave a comment


A comprehensive website featuring a collection of essays and notes on everything from reiki and magic to otherkin. Run by Jarin, a close and dear friend of mine, who has years of practice and research under his belt. His stuff is good, so check it out.

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Virtual Immortality

November 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Traditional religion’s ethereal immortality doesn’t strike Martine Rothblatt as much of a trade-off for dying.

To the millionaire entrepreneur, who launched both Sirius Satellite Radio and one of Maryland’s largest biotech companies, death is both tragic and, through not-yet-invented technology, avoidable.

Whole story here, via the Baltimore Sun.

This person is also a Maryland native and transperson, and the creator of Sirius Satellite Radio.  Interesting stuff.  Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see where she goes with her stuff.