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Pagan Platitudes on 9/11, Etc.

September 13, 2011 1 comment

I wasn’t planning on making a post about this at all. My thoughts and emotions on that day are very mixed–partly because it happened during a very dark period in my life, and that I ended up witnessing the whole thing start to finish live on television, plus hours and hours of coverage afterward. Most of my family is federal government or military. Since that event my father has been to Afghanistan twice, and is due to return next year in August for his third tour of duty.

As for other topics I was going to cover relating specifically to the “pagan community” at large, Sannion rather sums it up brilliantly in his post, Dii facientes adiuvant. This is quite a refresher from the other various sorts of navel-gazing, “prayer circles”, platitudes and related that I’ve seen circulate as of late.

Plus–and this is something a friend of mine brought up fairly recently–for some people who lost loved ones to this terrible tragedy, the constant harping on 9/11 (which is different from honoring the dead, and learning from/healing from a tragedy or traumatic event) can be psychologically damaging, as it forces them to relive this painful event again and again.

On Sunday, I watched the football game, and drank heavily, and…celebrated life. And yes–of course I remembered. But you won’t find me picking open proverbial scabs, or handwringing or wailing. I will celebrate life, and I will refuse to live in fear, because that, in my opinion, is one damn good way to spit in the faces of those who wish to spread terror, hatred and death.


Disaster on the Nile

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

100 tons of gasoline spilled into the Nile river

This was first brought to my attention by Sannion’s post.

The Nile being polluted was not something new to me. Its shores are coated in garbage, large kitchen appliances jut out from its waters like broken teeth. This latest event shouldn’t come as a surprise–in fact, some may call it an inevitability. However, as P. Sufenas Virius Lupus noted, to become numb to and ignorant of this and related disasters, we only end up perpetuating the problem further.

I wonder if there is some sort of significance to all these oil spills happening so close to one another–or rather, if the events such as the Gulf oil disaster serve to make us more aware of such environmental threats that occur more often than one may realize. Either thought should make us stop and think next time we gas up at the pump. Effectively coping with any environmental disaster involves getting the right information in order for one to effect the right change.

Those of us, as polytheists, who are grieved by this event, must also realize that we are like a diaspora. The Nile is not only the heart and soul of Egypt, but it is also carried within our hearts. Hapi will live on and prosper, and as polytheists we can continue to honor him by being proper, intelligent stewards and caretakers of our nurturing waterways. At least, until I hear more from this disaster out of Egypt, I will continue to support Hapi as sie lives in my land, as well as lend my prayers to the healing of the Nile. I am deeply saddened by this event, but I hope to transmute this emotion into right action.

A Wintry Post

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment

This post is mostly a collection of links and curiosities relating to this holiday season.

Mentioned by a few other sources, but this link directly from my German husband: Goat-Headed Christmas Cheer: Run Kris Kringle, Krampus Is Coming! This article gets into the tradition’s pagan roots a bit:

Depending on who you believe, Krampus is very old indeed. Some say the tradition stems back to the pre-Christian era, and that the Krampus known and feared by Austrians today is a version of an ancient god incorporated into Christian holidays.

Lady Lavona’s Cabinet of Curiosities also wrote a nice and in-depth article going into the occult and pagan roots of Krampus festivities. is becoming one of my favorite international news sources, and especially their Europe’s Weird Ways section makes for particularly interesting reading. Take, for example, the article on the Greek ‘Kallikantzaroi’ and their ancient pagan roots. There’s also Italy’s Christmas Witch, delivering presents on a broomstick. Somehow Kiki’s Delivery Service comes to mind.

And finally, Winter Solstice has arrived! Whatever your ‘reason for the season’ may be, I hope everyone reading this has a great holiday.

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Earliest Link Describes Christ as ‘Magician’

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Oct. 1, 2008 — A team of scientists led by renowned French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio recently announced that they have found a bowl, dating to between the late 2nd century B.C. and the early 1st century A.D., that, according to an expert epigrapher, could be engraved with the world’s first known reference to Christ.

If the word “Christ” refers to the Biblical Jesus Christ, as is speculated, then the discovery may provide evidence that Christianity and paganism at times intertwined in the ancient world.

Full story here.

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Shamans Pray For Election

November 1, 2008 Leave a comment

From Technoccult:
Peruvian Shamans Pray For US Election

You know, maybe its just me, but somehow this election seems to have the most occult references. Between Palin getting protection from witchcraft, to right-wing dominionist Christians claiming Obama’s African family is performing acts of witchcraft on McCain, let alone these same nutjobs whipping themselves up in a fury of spiritual warfare and fanaticism, it does make me wonder. Like it or not, this election is definitely very spiritually charged. Not that it’s any surprise, given certain trends, but observing various patterns has proven to be quite intriguing.

A Note on Sarah Palin

September 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Now, this is going to be primarily directed at my American readership, though this also applies to anyone who has a vested interest in human rights and environmental issues.

For those of you who are a member of, or who otherwise support The Defenders of Wildlife (and if you don’t; become one!) should be at least somewhat familiar with Sarah Palin’s name. When I came off the plane from my month-long trip in Germany, I immediately recognized her name, in bold print, glaring up at me from the newspaper announcing her position under McCain. It was like a kick in the stomach. The Alaskan governor may be a nonentity to alot of Americans, but to those of us who have been keeping track with Alaska’s dismal environmental record, such as aerial hunting, and a more recent incident involving the illegal killing of fourteen wolf pups by Alaska’s Fish and Game, should be familiar with her name by now. Overall, her track record with the environment is nothing short of deplorable.

Just think about it. She could be our new vice-president now. If McCain’s campaign succeeds in November, she will be merely a heartbeat away from the presidency.

But hey, if you think all that above is pretty nasty, that’s just scraping the surface. Allow me to elaborate.

Sarah Palin is also a member of a dominionist, bible-thumping church that helped shape her highly controversial worldview. Turns out this type of church also participates in what is known as “stealth-dominionism”, and Sarah Palin’s roots with such practices have been extensively researched by a close friend who has dedicated himself to researching and exposing dominionist-christianity, and assists in running the LiveJournal-based “community” Dark Christianity which serves as a network of sorts to explore and expose dominionism in the US and abroad. This movement is bigger than alot of people might think–Technoccult also has a nice little story on a related theocratic christian sect praying for the Armageddon. How do you feel about one of those in power, that close to the proverbial little red button?

Doesn’t sound good now, does it? Unfortunately, it keeps getting “better”.

Palin is also a vocal racist, and you can be rest assured her track record on women’s rights is piss poor, too.  Imagine her being in office, working with foreign affairs, and signing bills governing what we can and cannot do with our bodies, based on her narrowminded worldview.

I believe that this sort of information needs to be spread widely, and I’m surprised that more people aren’t doing so.  It was a nasty shock coming off the plane and discovering Palin’s nomination by McCain.  To be honest, I had not bothered to search up very many English-speaking news sources while abroad, an idiot move on my part.  This will be remedied in the future, to prevent any more nasty shocks.  I do have a few more news-bits worthy of mention, but I wanted to get this out first, as it touches on issues that we should all be deeply concerned with, as Americans, and as human beings who seek to cultivate deep bonds both with the environment and with each other.

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